Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities



The Town of Whitby offers numerous advertising and sponsorship opportunities to assist with marketing and promoting your business.  Whether you choose to advertise in one of our arenas or recreational complexes, or sponsor a specific Town event, festival, public skate or swim program, you will reach a huge audience of local consumers.  Your message is viewed in a fun, positive environment and associated with valued public institutions.  In addition, you will experience the benefits of positive public relations and make a difference in the community.

Specific advertising and sponsorship opportunities are summarized on each page for the Iroquois Park Sports Centre, McKinney Centre, Luther Vipond Memorial Arena, and Whitby Civic Recreational Complex. You can read news stories and testimonials by some of our sponsors and learn more about the benefits of event sponsorship.

Additional unique marketing opportunities include:

  • Naming Rights to arenas, swimming pools, soccer fields, meeting rooms and other facilities.  This is the highest level of corporate sponsorship.  Whitby has many such partnerships with blue chip local, national and international brands.  Each is individually customized to bring tangible value to the business and the community.  Whitby is an acknowledged leader in municipal sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship of Public Skate and Public Swim events. Nothing generates attention and good will like offering FREE skating or swimming to the community. 
  • Advertising on service vehicles such as street sweepers and garbage trucks which are out in the community and impossible to ignore. 
  • Program and member sponsorship for older adults at the Whitby Seniors' Activities Centre
  • Program and activity sponsorship for Whitby's Youth Rooms, safe places for youth to meet and socialize
  • Program, activity sponsorship and naming rights at Brooklin Community Centre and Library