Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities



The Town of Whitby offers numerous advertising and sponsorship opportunities to assist with marketing and promoting your business. The Town offers businesses, both small and large, the opportunity to advertise at recreation complexes and sports arenas bustling with a huge audience of local consumers. Have your message viewed in a fun and positive environment and experience the benefits. The Town also hosts a number of special events filled with excitement and entertainment. Become an event sponsor and reap the benefits! Enhance your business and make a difference in the community.

Learn more below on advertising and sponsorship opportunities available at the Town of Whitby.

Advertising Opportunities:

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Additional unique marketing opportunities include:

Naming Rights:
Secure naming rights to arenas, swimming pools, soccer fields, meeting rooms and other facilities. This is the highest level of corporate sponsorship. Whitby has many such partnerships with blue chip local, national and international brands. Each is individually customized to bring tangible value to the business and the community. Whitby is an acknowledged leader in municipal sponsorship.

Program Sponsorship:
Sponsor a free Public Skate and Public Swim. Nothing generates attention and good will like offering free skating or swimming to the community. 

Advertise on service vehicles such as street sweepers and garbage trucks which are prominent in the community and seen on a regular basis.  

Youth/Seniors Initiatives:
The Town of Whitby is an Age-Friendly and Youth Friendly Community. The Town prides itself in developing and supporting its youth. Contribute to their development and success by sponsoring a program or activity in the Youth Room; a safe places for youth to meet and socialize. The Town also offers programs and member sponsorship for older adults at the Whitby Seniors' Activities Centre