Going Green on the Ice

Posted on Monday February 26, 2018

Going Green on the Ice – Town Introduces its First Electric Zamboni

Visitors to the McKinney Centre may have noticed a new ice resurfacer circling and smoothing the ice in the facilities’ three arenas.  

As part of its commitment to sustainability and operating in an environmentally friendly manner, the Town has purchased its first electric ice resurfacer (also known as a Zamboni) to replace one of its natural gas powered machines that had reached the end of its lifecycle.

Group poses in front of new electric zamboni

The Town’s switch to an electric machine will not only result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but is also expected to generate an average annual cost savings of up to $7,000 over the machine’s lifetime. Electric ice resurfacers are easier to maintain than natural gas powered machines, lasting, on average, five years longer.  Each resurfacing with an electric ice resurfacer also costs approximately 20 per cent less than resurfacing with a natural gas machine.

“This new electric ice resurfacer is just one example of the Town’s ongoing commitment to operating in an environmentally friendly way,” said Mayor Don Mitchell, who was at the McKinney Centre today with staff from the Town’s Sustainability and Facilities teams. 

The Town will monitor the results of the new ice resurfacer in order to consider future conversion opportunities for the five remaining electric machines currently being used.

The purchase of the new electric ice resurfacer builds on recent sustainability initiatives implemented by the Town at its recreational facilities. In December 2017, the Town and Whitby Hydro partnered to install two Combined Heat and Power Micro Turbine units at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex. The energy generated by the turbines is used to offset the electricity demand of the building. The project is expected to result in nearly $70,000 in annual savings. The Town also replaced lighting systems in arenas at both the McKinney Centre and Iroquois Park Sports Centre with new LEDs.