Planning affects almost every part of people's lives in Canada. As the lead document in planning for growth and development at the municipal level, a local Official Plan can influence how people live, work, play, study, travel, and access services. Most importantly, an Official Plan influences the quality of life in a community.

Given the direct influence that the Official Plan has on the built and natural environment around us, it is essential that all members of the community have the opportunity to be consulted as a part of the Official Plan Review.

The Official Plan Review included a full public consultation process. A number of consultation activities occurred, including public workshops, open house sessions, focus groups, and statutory public meetings.

In addition to public consultation sessions, members of the public had the opportunity to participate in surveys, make submissions, provide comment by completing feedback forms, and contribute to online public forums at different stages of the Official Plan Review process.

Consultation Summaries

View all the consultation summaries from meetings, workshops, open houses and other activities undertaken for the Official Plan Review.

Survey Results

In 2007 , the Town of Whitby commissioned a survey to obtain feedback on the community's opinions on future growth and development. The Environics Research Group undertook the survey on the Town's behalf.

Public Opinion on Community Growth (PDF, 585 kB) - Environics report dated January 2008

Planning Report PL 21-08 (PDF, 275 kB) - summarizes the research findings for Council

Environics Research Group Presentation (PDF, 362 kB) - Environics presentation dated 11 February 2008.