Whitby has a highly developed standardized public education system. Public schools and Catholic schools are publicly funded. They are paid for through the Ontario Ministry of Education and are operated by Municipal Boards of Education.  In Whitby, students attend elementary and secondary schools within the public education system.

Other educational facilities in Whitby include private schools, special needs schools, a community college and skills training centre.

  • Elementary Schools - In Whitby, there are both public and Catholic elementary schools, many of which offer French immersion programs. 
  • Pre-schools - The pre-schools in Whitby offer programs for students starting from the age of 2-1/2.
  • Post Secondary Schools - Whitby offers plenty of options for post secondary education. Durham College provides top quality community college programming within a modern applied learning environment. Whitby is home to the Durham College Skills Training Centre.        
  • Private Schools - Private schools in Whitby offer the optimum in education. There are several private schools in Whitby, including one of the oldest girls schools in Canada that attracts students from all over the world.
  • School Boards - Whitby has a public school board and a Catholic school board, as well as a French language school board. For more information on the local school boards in Whitby, please click on the button below.
  •  Secondary Schools - The public and Catholic boards in Whitby both provide secondary school education. There is also a virtual high school that offers online high school credit courses and continuing education programs.
  • Special Needs Schools - Whitby offers education opportunities to students with special needs.