Fire Public Education



Whitby Fire and Emergency Services provides fire safety education to the residents of the Town of Whitby through the delivery of various services and programs that strive to reduce the number of fire incidents and minimize the loss of life and property.

Public Education Services

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services is pleased to offer the following public education services:

Fire Safety Presentations

Would you like to learn about fire safety?

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services offers several educational fire safety presentations that are available to the residents of Whitby.

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Fire Station Tours

Would you like to learn more about the role of Firefighters within your community?

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services offers fire station tours to the residents of Whitby. Fire station tours provide an opportunity to introduce members of the community to the fire station, fire trucks and local firefighters, in addition to providing lessons on fire safety.

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Fire Truck Visits

Would you like to learn about the equipment Firefighters use to keep your community safe?

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services offers fire truck visits to the residents of Whitby. Fire truck visits provide an opportunity to demonstrate the types of equipment and tools firefighters use to fight fires and respond to emergencies. Particpants learn about fire safety and prevention during this interactive visit.

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Public Education Programs

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services is pleased to offer the following public education programs:


EverAlert is a door-to-door residential education program. The program promotes residential fire safety and includes information on identifying hazards in the home, creating and practicing a home escape plan, knowing what to do in the event of a natural disaster or regional emergency, awareness related to open air burning and understanding the additional fire safety concerns of those who live in accessory appartments.Each year, Whitby Firefighters visit five thousand homes throughout the Town of Whitby to assist residents in understanding the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and ways to make their homes safer for their families and community.

Click here to view the EverAlert Program Booklet.

It Happened On Your Street

It Happened on your Street is a residential fire safety program that provides residents on the street(s) adjacent to an address where a residential structure fire occured with important fire safety information.

Following a residential structure fire, the closest 50 homes or residential units are selected to receive an information package in the form of a door hanger bag filled with fire safety information. This program provides timely fire safety information related to the common causes of residential fires. This program also provides an opportunity for Whitby firefighters to visit residents at their home and speak to the occupants about residential fire safety. Members of the public are encouraged to meet with the firefighters when they visit. Although they can not offer information related to the cause of a specific fire, our firefighters are your best source for fire safety information.

Junior Fire Camp

For more than forty years, the Whitby Fire Department has offered an extensive fire safety education program for children aged 11-12 years. Each week of camp provides the participants with a daily visit to Whitby Fire Headquarters. The participants begin their firefighter training with a tour of the fire hall and interactive familiarization with our fire apparatus. The week includes important lessons about fire safety and accident prevention, along with life safety skills such as first aid, CPR and home escape planning. Participants also have an opportunity to try many of the daily activities of a firefighter including auto extraction, use of hoses and hydrants and working from an elevated aerial platform. For more information on this program, please see the Town of Whitby's Activity Guide.

Registration for this program is available through the online recreation calendar or at any Town of Whitby Registration Centre.

Learn Not To Burn

The Learn Not To Burn Program, developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), is an in school fire safety program that introduces young children to fire and life safety. Currently, in Whitby, this program is conducted in partnership with the Durham District School Board and the Durham Catholic District School Board. Our learn not to burn program teaches grade two and grade seven students how to be fire smart.

Topics addressed by the grade two presentation are:

  • Why smoke alarms are important
  • Get outside and stay outside
  • How to report an emergency
  • Identifying hot things
  • Recognizing fire hazards
  • Know when to stop, drop and roll

Topics addressed by the grade seven presentation are:

  • Home escape planning
  • Fire Hazards
  • Negative consequences of fire play

Remembering When

Remembering When presents fire and life safety information to adults in our community. Fire safety information is presented in the context of an active senior's lifestyle to examine serious topics in a light hearted way. Fire safety topics include:

  • hazards presented by smoking
  • the dangers caused by space heaters
  • the dangers of leaving cooking unattended
  • what to do if clothing catches fire
  • the importance of working smoke alarms
  • practicing a home escape plan
  • contacting emergency assitance
  • understanding whether to stay or go when faced with a fire

This program also addresses other serious life threats for adults by recommending actions to prevent falls and associated injuries.

Skype with the School

Skype with the School is an internet based fire and life safety education program. The program provides a 45 minute interactive video session that is facilitated by a Senior Fire Suppression Officer. Topics covered by this program are:

  • the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • home escape planning
  • calling 911
  • cooking related fires
  • texting and driving
  • poisoning related to alcohol and drugs

The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

The Arson Prevention Program (TAPP-C) is a program for youth who have been involved in unsafe fire behaviour including such things as playing with matches or lighters, burning paper or garbage and intentionally setting fires. It is a collaborative program between mental health professionals and Whitby Fire and Emergency Services.

Our program comprises of two parts:

  • fire safety education provided by a trained firefighter
  • an assessmenet of the youth's risk factors, including their mental health facilitated by a licensed therapist

This program helps many youth recognize the danger of fire and the hazard that it poses to their home, family and community.

Think Ahead

Created by the Grandview Treatment Centre and facilitated by fire departments throughout Durham Region, the Think Ahead program provides at home fire safety information and emergency planning for special needs families.

The Think Ahead program has three main components:


Upon registration, this program notifies firefighters that they are attending an emergency call at the home of a special needs family. On route, the fire crew can then receive additional information related to the physical or cognitive issues that the child may have and any specific care that is required.

Fire Crew Visits

Fire crews will visit the homes of special needs families prior to an emergency. When the firefighters visit the home, they have the opportunity to identify fire hazards in the home as well as introduce themselves to the special needs child and their family. After the home visit, there is an option for the family to visit the fire crew at their fire hall. This visit provides an opportunity for the family to learn more about fire safety and to begin to form a relationship with the firefighters. By introducing our firefighters prior to a potential emergency, we hope to reduce any stress or anxiety felt by the family in an actual emergency.


This program provides the opportunity for our firefighters and special needs residents to learn about each other prior to an emergency. Each family will learn important life safety information to help keep their family safe and the particpating firefighters develop a better understanding of the individual needs of each family and the importance of assistive devices in an emergency such as mobility aids, prosthetics, communication devices and service dogs.

For additional information about any of the public education services and programs offered by Whitby Fire and Emergency Services, please contact our Risk Management and Education Division at 905-668-3312.