Official Plan



An Official Plan is a statutory document that sets out policy directions for land use planning matters regarding long-term growth and development in a municipality. The current Whitby Official Plan was adopted by Whitby Council in 1994 and approved by the Region of Durham in 1995.

The Whitby Official Plan contains policies adopted by Council which define basic goals, objectives, and policies for the coordinated growth and development of the Town. The Town's Municipal Structure is conceptually illustrated on Map 1, consistent with the Durham Regional Official Plan. Social, cultural, economic, and environmental matters are also included in the Official Plan. The Official Plan identifies the planned municipal structure and provides the building blocks for municipal regulations and approvals, such as zoning by-laws, site plan control, and plans of subdivision.  Official Plans are regulated by the the Planning Act.

The Official Plan below is a consolidation as of September 2016, and is prepared for convenience purposes only. Amendments which have received final approval since this consolidation are listed below. Other Amendments may be pending final approval. For accurate reference, the original Amendments should be consulted. Please contact the Planning and Development Department for further information.


Official Plan Amendments

The following OPA's have received final approval since the last consolidation:

The following OPA's have been adopted by Whitby Council and are awaiting final approval by the Region of Durham or Ontario Municipal Board:

  • OPA 105 (Official Plan Review) (will be posted shortly)
  • OPA 108 (Brooklin Secondary Plan)


Official Plan Review

For more information regarding the Town's Official Plan Review, please visit the Official Plan Review webpage


Official Plan Amendment Applications

The Town requires a mandatory pre-consultation meeting be held prior to submission of an Official Plan Amendment application. For further information regarding Whitby's Official Plan and proposals to amend the Official Plan, please contact the Planning and Development Department.