Policy Discussion Papers



Policy Discussion Papers identify, discuss, analyze, and consider the implications of policy matters. The Policy Discussion Papers for the Whitby Official Plan Review:

  • provided background and context information on key policy issues
  • included analysis about policy implications for the Town of Whitby
  • identified possible policy directions for the revised/new Official Plan

Draft Policy Discussion Papers

Nine Draft Policy Discussion Papers were prepared to explore the Key Policy Issues identified for the Whitby Official Plan Review. An Overview Paper was also prepared to provide a summary of the purpose and content of each of the nine Papers.  A public meeting was held on March 19, 2012, to receive input regarding the Draft Policy Discussion Papers. 


What are the Sources of the Key Policy Issues?

The Key Policy Issues explored in Policy Discussion Papers came from 2 sources:

  • Five "High Level Concepts" that emerged from the 2011 public workshop series as the overarching issues of most importance to the Whitby community
  • Six "Topic Areas" identified as warranting further analysis to ensure conformity with provincial and regional planning policy and promote leading planning practice

High Level Concepts

  • Connectivity
  • Live, Work & Play
  • Creating a Focus
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Development

Topic Areas

  • Urban Form and Design
  • Economic Development
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Arts, Culture, Recreation and Community Character
  • Rural and Natural Environments
  • Sustainability and Quality of Life

Council Endorsed Policy Discussion Papers and Final Policy Directions 

On June 18, 2012, Council considered the consultant's Recommended Final Policy Directions resulting from input on the Draft Policy Discussion Papers and endorsed the directions, with some amendments and further direction.