Roads and Transportation



The Town of Whitby is responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation, and new implementation of all roads and roads-related public infrastructure (roads, bridges, storm sewers, stormwater management ponds, street lighting, roadway cycling facilities, sidewalks, and parking lots) within the Town's jurisdiction. In addition, the Town has a comprehensive winter control program that deals with snow clearing operations and icy conditions during winter months to make roads, sidewalks, and municipal parking lots safe and passable for Whitby residents.

This section of the website contains information on a variety of roads and transportation topics of particular interest to Whitby residents. We invite you to review the web pages in this section and explore the links to other locations within the Town's website as well as the external links provided for information.

Roads Related Forecasts

The Engineering Services Division is responsible for developing, through the yearly budget process, a forecast for all roads and roads-related municipal infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, storm sewers, stormwater management ponds , street lighting , traffic signals, and sidewalks , etc.).

It should be noted that although these forecasts are included in the yearly budget process, only the current years budget is approved by Council.

Please refer to the current Town of Whitby 2017 Budget