Rebate Contribution Program



What is the Rebate Contribution Program?

By-law #6351-10 provides for qualified contributors to receive a rebate from the Town for contributions made to candidates running for Whitby Town Council in the 2018 Municipal Election.

Candidates must submit the completed Rebate Contribution Form, including original signatures by both the contributor and the candidate/agent, to the Office of the Town Clerk with their required financial statements.

Who is eligible for a rebate?

  • Qualified electors, in the Town of Whitby, who do not exceed the contribution limits as defined under the Municipal Elections Act and who have contributed a minimum of $25.00.

Who is not eligible for a rebate?

  • Corporations and Trade Unions;
  • Candidates, their spouse or their children.

How is the rebate calculated?

  • If the contribution is $25.00 or more, the rebate is 25% of the contribution;
  • Rebates for any one individual contributor shall not total more than $150.00 regardless of how many candidates that person contributes to.

Rebate Payment

Rebates will be issued no sooner than 90 days following the filing of the candidates' financial statements providing there is no contravention of the Municipal Elections Act by either the candidate or the contributor.