Doors Open Whitby Advisory Committee




The Doors Open Whitby Advisory Committee is responsible for the organization of the Annual Doors Open Whitby Event which is part of Doors Open Ontario and overseen by the Ontario Heritage Trust. Responsibilities of committee members include:


  • Identifying sources of funding, sponsorship and grants to support the operating costs of the event. 
  • Creating marketing and promotional plans to attract local residents and visitors to our community and learn more about Whitby's unique buildings, sites and spaces.
  • Assisting in the development of a community engagement plan to secure event sites along with community based organizations and volunteers to participate in the event.
  • Providing consultation, advice, report findings and make recommendations as required to Council.
  • Ensuring a safe and secure event by developing an event plan and establishing the assistance of ancillary services including Durham Regional Police Services.
  • Attending on the day of the event and scheduled meetings throughout the year.

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Member of Council; 6 Citizen Appointments; 3 LACAC Heritage Whitby Representatives 

  • Councillor Rhonda Mulcahy
  • Kristy Kilbourne (Staff Liaison)
  • Kirstyn Allam
  • Sue Green
  • Heather Kearney
  • Jennifer Maddigan
  • Joyce Marshall
  • Rick McDonnell (Vice-Chair)
  • Pamela McPherson
  • Sue Pitchforth (Chair)
  • Pavel Zeman
  • Sarah Ferencz (Whitby Library Representative)
  • Olex Wlasenko (Station Gallery Representative)

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