Temporary Sign Permits



All temporary signs in the Town require a permit. By-law Services is responsible for issuing these permits.

Temporary sign permits are required in order to protect traffic and pedestrian sight lines and to maintain the aesthetic quality of the Town.

A General Guide

Temporary sign permits are available to the majority of commercial and industrial businesses in the Town, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Temporary signs must be located on private property at least one metre from all property lines including the municipal boulevard
  • Temporary signs must be located at least 3 metres from all driveway entrances onto the property
  • On properties containing 6 commercial/industrial units or less, only 1 temporary sign is permitted at any one time
  • On properties containing more than 6 units, 2 temporary signs are permitted at any one time provided that the signs can be spaced at least 60 metres apart
  • Temporary signs are not permitted if they occupy parking spaces in a parking lot
  • Temporary sign permits are available for terms ranging from 15 days to 60 days in length

Application Process

To make an application for a temporary sign permit, please provide By-law Services with the following:

  • A completed Temporary Mobile Sign Permit Application
  • A site plan drawing of your property showing the proposed location of the temporary sign
  • A letter from the owner of the property providing authorization for the proposed temporary sign
  • Payment in the amount of $150.00 made payable to the Town of Whitby for the cost of the permit

More Information

For more information about temporary sign permits, please contact By-law Services at 905.430.4345 or by email to bylaw@whitby.ca.