Boards and Committees



The Town of Whitby encourages citizens to participate in their community by volunteering for one of our boards or committees. To recognize, promote and strengthen the sense of community, all Whitby residents are encouraged to become involved.

Board and Committee Vacancies

We are accepting applications on an on-going basis to potentailly backfill any vacant positions that may occur on the Boards and Advisory Committees.

Who is Eligible?

Whitby residents or property owners, 18 years of age or older, are invited to apply.

Selection Process

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the Office of the Town Clerk receives the applications. Please ensure you fill out the correct application for the Board or Committee for which  you would like to apply. Council will appoint qualified candidates for citizen vacancies based on the application as submitted. All applicants will be notified of the final determination by mail.

Boards and Committees Code of Conduct

Revisions to the Boards and Advisory Committees Code of Conduct were adopted by Council on February 21, 2017 through By-law #7246-17. The purpose of the Code is to identify expectations of members and establish guidelines for appropriate conduct. Individuals appointed to Boards and Committees are provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct and are required to sign a statement to convey that they have read, understood and accepted the Code.

List of Boards and Committees

Board and Committee Agendas and Minutes

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