Brooklin Downtown Development Steering Committee




The Brooklin Downtown Development Steering Committee (BDDSC) is responsible for providing recommendations to Council on several matters including but not limited to:

  • Providing input into a downtown development strategy;
  • Reviewing and monitoring the implementation of downtown development initiatives including, but not limited to:
    • Streetscape improvement;
    • Fa├žade upgrades;
    • Parking, Transportation and Pedestrian circulation;
    • Downtown entrance and public open space treatment;
    • Marketing Strategies;
    • Development and Redevelopment opportunities;
    • Financial Incentives and Grants;
    • Programs and Events; and,
    • Heritage Initiatives;
  • Reviewing and providing input to the Whitby Official Plan Review, Brooklin Secondary Plan, and Community Improvement Plan; and,
  • Facilitating communication between various Downtown stakeholders.

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Members of Council, 11 Citizen Appointments

  • Councillor Rhonda Mulcahy
  • Maria McDonnell (Staff Liaison)
  • Christy Chrus (Staff Liaison)
  • Dhaval Pandya (Public Works Department Representative)
  • Daniel Acre (Chair)
  • Rick Batty
  • Sheila Bowness
  • Ryan Doble (Vice-Chair)
  • Marissa Graham (Brooklin Downtown Business Association Representative)
  • Marilyn Hill (Brooklin Spring Fair Board Representative)
  • Kyle Paterson (Whitby Chamber of Commerce Representative)
  • Rick McDonnell (LACAC Heritage Whitby Representative)
  • Cathi Westrop (Group 74 Representative)
  • Donald Wick (Brooklin Horticulture Society Representative)
  • Mallory Dawson, Community Engagement Librarian (Whitby Public Library)

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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Past Minutes




 Annual Report

Downtown Brooklin Strategic Action Plan

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