Building Permit Application Process



Getting Started

As the owner of a residential house, you can design your own project if you have a good working knowledge of houses and construction.

If you feel that your project is too complicated to handle yourself, we recommend that you retain the services of a qualified person. All work indicated on your drawings must conform to the Ontario Building Code, and Town of Whitby zoning by-laws.

Note: Certification by a Professional Engineer is required for certain prefabricated structures or construction components. Check with Building Services staff. Our Plans Examiners will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Steps for Submitting an Application

1. Complete a Building Permit Application Form.

2. Ensure that you have the required documents and drawings. 

3. Bring your completed application form, required documents and drawings, and building permit fee to the Building Division, located in Town Hall, 575 Rossland Road East.

  • Building plans including floor plans, survey/site plan, elevations and/or cross-sections and details.
    • 3 sets of drawings for ICI, Residential (apartment, retirement homes) and Multi-Use buildings
    • 2 sets of drawings for detached dwelling unit, semi-detached and townhouses
  • Building permit fee in cash, Interac or cheque, payable to the "Town of Whitby" (cheques need not be certified). Building Permit Fees are verified by staff and are calculated based on the building permit fee schedule.

You may also be required to pay deposits to cover potential damage to Town property or fences and/or a Grading Deposit. You must bring the receipts to the Building and By-Law Services division before your building permit can be issued. To obtain a refund of the deposits, contact the Building Division after all work is completed to request an inspection.

If a curb cut is required as a result of your project, a non-refundable fee is payable to the Town of Whitby. If your lot is adjacent to a main road, you should also check with Public Works for any existing rights-of-way along your property or any proposed road widening.

4. At the Building Division, a Plans Examiner will review your application to ensure that everything is in order.

Application Review/Approval

Your application will be reviewed in two stages:

  1. Zone Plans Examination - The staff will check for compliance with the zoning by-law with respect to the proposed use, minimum setback requirements, lot coverage, and building height. Where applicable, staff will request confirmation of approval from other departments or agencies.
  1. Building Plans Examination - The staff will review the proposed construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code.

When the review of your application is complete, you will be notified by letter if there are any outstanding requirements or problems. If you need to inquire about the status of your application, call the Building Division 905.430.4305. When all requirements have been met, you will receive a call from one of the Building Division staff and you will be notified of permit issuance. You have a choice of either picking up the permit or having it mailed to you.

Once you receive your permit, ensure that the permit and approved drawings are available on the construction site. The permit will list all mandatory inspections that must be booked through the Inspection line at 905.430.4300 x2412. 
You also have the option to email your request, prior to 3:00 P.M, for a next day inspection, by sending an email to .  Please provide your permit number when booking inspections.

Other Agencies and Approvals

Depending on the nature of your building project, you may need to consult one or more of these agencies or departments:

  • Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority 100 Whiting Avenue, Oshawa, ON L1H 3T3, Tel: 905.579.0411
  • Ministry of Transportation District 6, Atrium Tower, 1st Floor, 1201 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3M 1J8, Tel: 416.235.5385
  • Whitby Hydro 100 Taunton Road East, P.O. Box 59, Whitby, ON L1G 4N1, Tel: 905.668.5878
  • Regional Municipality of Durham 105 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON, Tel: 905.668.7721
  • Town of Whitby Public Works/Engineering

Grading issues: 905.430.4307

  • Committee of Adjustment If your proposal does not comply with the Zoning By-law, you may seek permission from the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance. Contact Planning at 905.430.4306
  • Site Plan Control - If your property is in an area subject to site plan control, you may have to submit an application for site plan approval to one of the Planning Department staff. Contact Planning at 905.430.4306
  • Electrical Safety Authority If any electrical work is proposed (lighting, wiring, switches and outlets, for example), contact the Electrical Safety Authority for information regarding this matter. Call 1.877.ESA.SAFE (372.7233) for details.

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