Committee and Council Meetings



Whitby Committee of the Whole and Town Council meetings are held on a three-week cycle in accordance with the Council and Standing Committee Meeting Calendar published annually.  

Statutory Public Meetings under the Planning Act

A statutory public meeting is held under the Planning Act for certain types of planning applications, and is conducted outside of the Standing Committee and Council format. Public Meetings will be held approximately once per month with the purpose being to provide the public with information and receive submissions which can be considered and reviewed by Staff and the applicant prior to Council consideration of the application. Public meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity for individuals in attendance at the meeting to provide feedback on the matter being discussed.  More information is available on the Public Participation at Statutory Public Planning Meetings page.

Accessing Council and Committee Meetings

In an effort to make Town Council and Committee meetings more accessible for residents, the Town of Whitby is now livestreaming meetings of Council, Operations Committee and the Planning and Development Committee. When a meeting is scheduled to take place, click on the live stream icon below to access the live stream of the current meeting. Note - Meetings not held in Council Chambers will not be live streamed due to the streaming equipment only being available in Council Chambers. Additionally, Closed Sessions of Council, in accordance with section 239 of the Municipal Act, will not be live streamed.

If you are unable to view a live stream, you have the option to view archived video recordings of the meetings after they have occurred.

To access current and archived agendas, minutes and reports for Council and Committee meetings, visit Civicweb.

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Archived Video

Council and Committee Schedules

For dates and locations of Council and Committee meetings, view the Calendar of Meetings.

Board and advisory committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year.

Appearing before Council

If you wish to appear before a Standing Committee or Council regarding a matter on the agenda, please visit our Appear before Council page for more information.

Participation at Public Meetings (Standing Committees of Council)

Individuals are not required to register as a delegation for Public Meetings. For more information on how to participate at Public Meetings, visit our Participation at Public Meetings page.

Notice to Correspondents

The personal information contained in your correspondence to the Whitby Town Council or its committees is collected under the Municipal Act, 2001. Any personal information you choose to disclose in your correspondence will be used to receive your views on the relevant issue(s) to enable the Town to make its decision on the matter. This information will become part of the public record. It is our procedure to publish the correspondent's name on the Internet as part of the Committee/Council agenda. You may request, in writing, the removal of your personal contact information from the correspondence posted on the Internet. Please send your written requests to the Town Clerk, Town of Whitby Municipal Building, 575 Rossland Road East, Whitby, L1N 2M8 or by email.