Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee




The Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee  (WDIAC) is responsible for:

  • Providing input to Council on the elimination of barriers for the diverse population of our community
  • Fostering a greater understanding of ethno-cultural and diversity issues and matters within the Town of Whitby through community partnerships
  • Taking the necessary steps to involve diverse groups in the activities of the Committee
  • Providing input to staff in the development of policies to promote awareness of ethno-cultural relations and diversity matters
  • Providing input in the development of a public engagement strategy for the residents of Whitby for the purpose of ensuring discussion and public feedback on current ethno-cultural and diversity issues
  • Providing consultation, research, and report findings and making recommendations as necessary on matters of diversity, inclusivity, and equity within the Town of Whitby

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Member of Council, 7 Citizen Appointments, 2 Youth Council Liaisons

  • Councillor Maleeha Shahid (Mayor's Designate)
  • Kim Evans (Staff Liaison)
  • Mayline Brown (Chair)
  • Andrea Cecchetto (Vice-Chair)
  • Cheryl Frayne
  • Brianna Nelson
  • Catherine Philogene
  • Vivek Singh
  • Ayse Yuksel


Meeting Dates, Minutes and Agendas

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Diversity Forum on Mental Health and Culture

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from 7:00-8:45 p.m.

Location: Whitby Central Library, 405 Dundas Street West, Meeting Room

The Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee is hosting a documentary viewing and discussion on the impact that culture and diversity have on mental health. The film, “Hidden Pictures” will be featured. This is the first feature documentary on global mental health. Artistically crafted, with unforgettable characters, this powerful film will bring needed dialogue to a vastly neglected field. Watch the trailer now. Pre-registration is recommended. Register online or by calling or visiting any Whitby library location.

Champion of Diversity Award

The Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee  (WDIAC) has been selected as a recipient of the Champion of Diversity Award. This award recognizes individuals, groups and employers who help promote immigrant success, economic growth, and inclusion in Ontario.

WDIAC has received the award in the Inclusion and Diversity Category. This category recognizes individuals or groups that embrace inclusion and diversity and ensure immigrants and refugees have access to social services.

The award was presented by the Honourable Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the YWCA Toronto.  

The committee was recognized for promoting diversity with programs benefiting both residents and newcomers. Art shows, multicultural calendars, and diversity events increased cross-cultural understanding in the community. Family bus tours and a 'Whitby Passport' program introduced new Canadians to their neighbourhood and connected them to local businesses.

The committee defines diversity beyond culture and race. It includes age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and income level. Representatives of diverse groups attended committee meetings to share their experiences and perspectives. Public performances and community seminars educated the residents of Whitby about the issues affecting different groups.

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Social Media Campaign Support

The Town of Whitby's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (WDIAC) strives to foster a greater understanding of ethno-cultural and diversity issues and matters within the Town of Whitby through community partnerships. As community partners, WDIAC invites your organization to submit one special event or cultural celebration per year to promote through the Town of Whitby's social media channels in an effort to help promote your organization. Please keep in mind that we cannot promote events or celebrations if the intent of the event and/or organization is contrary to corporate policies, by-laws, the Ontario Human Rights Code or current legislation.

WDIAC Social Media Request Form

2018 Work Plan

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