Downtown Whitby Development Steering Committee




The Downtown Whitby Development Steering Committee (DWDSC) is responsible for providing recommendations to Council on several matters including but not limited to:

  • Providing input into a downtown development strategy;
  • Reviewing and monitoring the implementation of the Town's downtown development strategy including but not limited to:
    • Streetscape improvement;
    • Fa├žade upgrading;
    • Financial Incentives and Grants;
    • Parking and Traffic Circulation;
    • Infrastructure Improvement;
    • Heritage Initiatives;
    • Marketing Strategy;
    • Redevelopment Opportunities; and,
    • Programs and Events;
  • Preparing an annual report and presentation to Council;
  • Providing input to Whitby Official Plan Review, Downtown Secondary Plan, and Community Improvement Plan reviews;
  • Participating on working committees established by Council; and,
  • Facilitating communication between various Downtown stakeholders.

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Member of Council, 11 Citizen Appointments

  • Regional Councillor Elizabeth Roy (Mayor's Designate)
  • Marial McDonnell (Staff Liaison)
  • Christy Chrus (Staff Liaison)
  • Alison Albrecht (Public Works Department Representative)
  • Peter LeBel (Economic Development Representative)
  • Ian Ross (Whitby Public Library Representative) 
  • Bob Baker
  • Grace Cardona
  • Yvonne Chornobay
  • Kim Copetti
  • Deanna Hollister
  • Rick McDonnell (Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee Representative)
  • Natalie Prychiko (Whitby Chamber of Commerce Representative)
  • Paul Rolland
  • Chris van der Vliet
  • Jim Wineck
  • Lynn Winterstein
  • Karey Large (Downtown Whitby BIA Representative)

DWDSC Newsletters

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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Past Minutes




Annual Report

Strategic  Action Plan