Engineering Fees and Permits



By-law No. 7481-19 (Fees for Services and Activities) identifies the fees for services and activities provided and performed by the Town Of Whitby Public Works Department, including engineering permits and general administrative tasks.

Engineering Permits are required for those who wish to undertake work within the municipal road allowance.

These permits include:


Curb Cutting

An individual property owner wishing to create or widen a driveway entrance on a Town road which has curb or curb and gutter must complete an application. Curb cutting work is performed as required by an independent Town contractor. The minimum charge per job includes all transportation and set up charges while the cost per metre reflects the time actually spent on the job.

Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Cafe

A permit is required if an establishment wishes to create an Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Cafe on Town of Whitby property.

Private Driveway Entrance Culverts

An individual or property owner wishing to create a new driveway entrance, widen an existing driveway entrance or put in a temporary entrance in a rural setting (i.e., no curbs), such works requiring a culvert to accommodate road drainage, must complete an application.  These works are completed by Public works staff.

Road Occupancy

Utilities and contractors frequently undertake the following types of construction activities within the Town's public road allowances:

  • servicing for new development
  • major rehabilitation of existing plant
  • emergency repairs of existing plant

A Road Occupancy Permit must be obtained from the Town for all construction within the public road allowance.

The purpose of the permit is to:

  • inform the Municipality (including police, fire, and ambulance if affected by any road work) of the date, time, and type of work being performed
  • screen contractors to ensure they are qualified and have adequate liability
  • provide a permanent record of the work and location so the Town can inspect the restoration and invoice the applicant for the cost of the permanent restoration by the Town

It is the Town's policy to consider all restoration by the applicant, except sod, to be temporary only. The permanent restoration is completed by the Town as part of the annual asphalt patching contract and miscellaneous sidewalk/curb and gutter contract. This ensures quality control to improve longevity and reduce future maintenance expenditures in repairing construction deficiencies.

Site Alteration

Site Alteration By-law 7425-18 is a by-law to prohibit or regulate any alteration to the grade (topography) of land and the use of municipal highways through the movement, removal or placement of topsoil, soil or fill.


Engineering Design Review and Inspection Fees

By-law No.7481-19 (Engineering Design Review and Inspection Fees), Being a By-law to impose fees for certain services and activities provided or done by the Town of Whitby, Public Works Department as follows;

  • Subdivision Engineering Design Review and Inspection;
  • Site Plan Engineering Design Review; and,
  • Engineering Review for Residential In-Fill Lots.