Film Permit



When is a film permit required?

  • Film Permits are required for filming on Town streets and property, including but not limited to parks and Town facilities.
  • Film Permits must be retained and available for inspection throughout the production.

How do I apply for a Film Permit?

  • Complete applications must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the start of filming (additional time may be required for some applications depending on the nature of the production).
  • Applications must meet all Town requirements prior to receiving a Permit and filming cannot commence until the Permit has been issued.

Applications must include:

  1. General Comprehensive Liability Insurance in the amount of $5 million ($5,000,000) submitted on the prescribed Town of Whitby Certificate of Insurance Form in the name of the applicant and naming the Town as additional insured.  The insurance certificate must cover the entire period for the dates requested on the permit application. (An amount greater than $5 million may be required for some filming productions).
  2. A duly executed Hold Harmless Agreement signed and dated by an authorized signatory of the production company.
  3. A copy of the permit and proof of payment for use of any Town facilities (if applicable).
  4. A copy of the letter provided to residents and/or businesses advising of filming activities (See Public Notification and Community Engagement below for more details).
  5. A Traffic Control Plan that includes proposed temporary traffic stoppages, location and description of traffic control signs and barricades.  All public roads and properties used for filming or parking must be listed on the permit application.

Depending on the nature of the film production the following may be required with an application:

  • All permits and related documents including a notice from Durham Regional Police Service and a completed application from Whitby Fire and Emergency Service if any detonation of pyrotechnic special effects (SPFX) are to be used in the production. Contact or 905.668.3312.
  • Proof of notification to Town of Whitby Parking Services if parking of filming vehicles is required on Town of Whitby streets or public parking areas.  The production company must make application to the Town of Whitby Parking Services if it is the intention to use public parking for production vehicles.  Contact or 905.430.4300 ext. 2292.
  • Proof of request to Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) for paid duty officers.
  • Proof of notification to Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) if using vehicles that look like police cruisers as part of the film production. Contact 905.579.1520.

Public Notification and Community Engagement:

  1. The Film Production Company must send written notice to all affected area residents and businesses where the filming will occur at least five (5) business days before filming commences with a copy to the Town of Whitby.
  2. The letter to residents and businesses must contain:
  • Name and type of production
  • Description of the story line
  • The dates and times of filming (including set-up and tear-down)
  • Full description of any special effects and impacts to neighbouring homes and businesses (detonations, pyrotechnics, parking impacts, etc.)
  • Contact name and telephone number of Site Location Manager

Additional Film Permit Terms & Conditions


  • The applicant must provide a detour route with appropriate signage and all signs and signals shall be to the satisfaction of the DRPS, Town of Whitby Public Works and Fire Departments.
  • The applicant must make arrangements for DRPS to direct traffic flow if deemed necessary and through traffic must be maintained at all times.
  • Traffic may not be stopped in any direction for longer than three-minute intervals.
  • Film production vehicles must not block fire hydrants, fire routes, stop signs and traffic signals.
  • Driveways or other access ramps must not be blocked without express written approval of the Town.
  • No permanent or temporary fixtures or road signs may be covered, removed or altered in any way without express written approval from the Town of Whitby.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access to all properties must be maintained.
  • Any required maintenance and the repair of any public roadway or property will be carried out by the Municipality, at the expense of the applicant.
  • All vehicles forming part of the production, which exceed the maximum width restrictions of the Highway Traffic Act, shall be escorted to and from the film location by the DRPS.


  • If parking of filming vehicles is required on Town of Whitby streets or public parking areas, Parking Services must be notified at
  • The applicant shall be responsible for all public parking costs of filming vehicles, as well as any lost revenue associated with the reservation or removal of parking meters.
  • The production company must make application to the Town of Whitby Parking Services if it is the intention to use public parking for production vehicles.

Other Restrictions:

  • The application must, when garbage and/or recycling collection will be interrupted as the result of filming, be responsible for making alternate arrangements which are satisfactory to the Municipality and the affected property owners.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for the removal of litter and restoration of the film site to the satisfaction of the Town.  If, in the opinion of the Town, the location is not properly cleaned, the Town shall undertake to do the work and the cost of such work will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The Town of Whitby Noise By-law must be adhered to at all times.  No activity will be permitted during restricted hours between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am unless all affected residents and businesses have been notified and approval has been given in writing by the Town.  This includes the arrival and/or departure of vehicles to and from the film site.
  • The applicant shall comply with any other conditions or guidelines as deemed necessary by the Town Clerk or other Town Departments.
  • The Town Clerk may withdraw the Film Location permit at any time should the applicant be non-compliant with any of the conditions outlined.