Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee




The mandate of the Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee is to advise Council on identifying, conserving and promoting heritage resources in our community.

The committee reviews and makes recommendations, such as alternations, removal and demolition, on planning applications. The committee also promotes heritage conservation through the support of heritage designations, heritage policy matters and public awareness of Whitby's historical resources. 

Whitby Heritage Matters Newsletter (previously LACAC Link) - newsletters created by the Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee promoting historical sites, people, and events in the community

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Councillor, 10 citizen appointments
  • John Ecker (Chair)
  • Lynn Collins (Vice Chair)
  • Regional Councillor Derrick Gleed
  • Kirstyn Allam
  • Margaret Clayton
  • Meredith Dodge
  • Rita Edgell
  • Sarah Ferencz (Library Archivist)
  • Katherine Hull
  • Heather Kearney
  • Stacey Kursikowski (Staff Liaison)
  • Joyce Marshall
  • Maria McDonnell (Staff Liaison)
  • Rick McDonnell
  • Vincent Santamaura
  • Brian Winter (Honourary Member)

Committee Terms of Reference

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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