Highway 7-12 Alternate Route Feasibility Study



The purpose of the Highway 7/12 Alternate Route Feasibility Study is to identify feasible alternate route(s) for provincial Highway 7/12 so the Town can proceed with an Environmental Assessment, with the ultimate goal to achieve its vision for Baldwin Street. The main focus of the study will be identifying the potential re-purposing of an existing route or routes, and/or identifying a new potential route for an alternate Provincial highway route. Both the re-purposed road and the new route alternatives would require new connections to the existing provincial highway network.

The route alternatives identified through this study will be assessed in detail as a part of a future Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to select a preferred route. This Feasibility Study will form an appendix to the future EA study and serve as background information.

The next step is to initiate a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study. The EA will include a thorough consultation program to engage the public, stakeholders and agencies.