Municipal Ombudsman



Council has appointed ADR Chambers Inc. as the Ombudsman for the Town of Whitby. The appointment by the Town is effective December 12, 2016, in accordance with By-law #7212-16.

The Ombudsman will serve as an objective office, at arm's length from Town Council and the Administration, and will independently receive, review, and investigate complaints once all internal complaint processes have been exhausted in accordance with the Town's Public Complaint Policy. The Ombudsman will provide periodic updates on any resulting investigations and will produce annual reports to be presented to Town Council.

As members of the public must first exhaust any internal complaint processes within the Town prior to submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman, it is recommended that individuals who may be dissatisfied with services received from the Town first speak with the department responsible for those services in an attempt to promptly resolve the matter. For more information about submitting a complaint to the Town, please see the Town of Whitby Public Complaint Process page.

If an individual remains dissatisfied with the outcome from the Town's internal complaint process they may then pursue their complaint further by filing a complaint form with the Town's Ombudsman.

ADR Chambers Ombuds Office can be reached via phone or email:
Telephone: 1-844-235-4442

Complaint forms regarding a matter with the Town of Whitby can be found on their website:

Annual Reports