Policies and Procedures



The Corporation of the Town of Whitby is committed to developing and maintaining Town Policies and Procedures that contribute to the achievement of its goals and priorities and provide transparency, clarity, fairness and consistency in decision making related to the operations at the Town of Whitby.

What is a Policy

A Policy is a statement of what the Town will do in a given set of circumstances. A policy provides a framework for the delegation of decision making, reduces uncertainties, and provides the enabling provisions for which Council approval is required. Procedures are most often approved under an overarching policy and provide the details of how the enabling provisions found in the policy are to be fulfilled by administration. 

Council is the approval authority for all policies and the Chief Administrative Officer is the approval authority for all procedures. All policies and procedures that have received approval can be found in the Town Policy Manual in the Document Centre on Civicweb. To more easily locate a specific item, policies and procedures have been divided into five different categories:

  • Corporate Administration (CA);
  • Finance (F);
  • Governance (G);
  • Human Resources (HR); and,
  • Municipal Services (MS)

For any questions or comments about Town policies and procedures please contact the Office of the Town Clerk at 905.430.4315 or clerk@whitby.ca.