Public Participation at Statutory Public Planning Meetings



What is a statutory public planning meeting?

A statutory public meeting is held under the Planning Act for certain types of planning applications, and is conducted outside of the Standing Committee and Council format. Public Meetings will be held approximately once per month with the purpose being to provide the public with information and receive submissions which can be considered and reviewed by Staff and the applicant prior to Council consideration of the application. Public meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity for individuals in attendance at the meeting to provide feedback on the matter being discussed. 

Who is present from the Town at the public meeting?

Public meetings are chaired by a Member of Council appointed as the Planning Chair by the Mayor.  Staff from the Planning and Development Department will be in attendance to provide information regarding an application and hear feedback provided.  The Office of the Town Clerk captures all feedback received in the public meeting minutes to provide a written record for Staff and Council of the public meeting.  Members of Council may be in attendance at a public meeting to hear feedback, but they do not sit in their normal seats on the dais in Council Chambers.  

Can anyone participate, or do you have to register in advance to speak at the public meeting?

Individuals wishing to make a delegation at a public meeting do not need to register ahead of the meeting and all those in attendance who wish to speak will be provided with the opportunity.

It is strongly recommended that neighbourhood groups or community associations appoint one spokesperson to make their delegation.

How much time do I have to make my delegation?

In accordance with the Town’s Procedure By-law, each delegate has up to five (5) minutes to provide their input.

What time should I arrive for the public meeting?

Public meetings are scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.  As several public meetings may be held prior to the public meeting for the application that is of interest to you, please note that your public meeting may start later than 7:00 p.m.

What is appropriate conduct for Delegations/Presentations?

Delegations/presentations shall not:

  • Speak disrespectfully of any person;
  • Use offensive words;
  • Speak on any subject other than the application to which the public meeting pertains; or,
  • Enter into debate with other delegates/presenters, Town Staff, or the Chair.

Public Meeting Procedure:

  1. Town Staff will provide a brief overview of the application;
  2. The applicant or their representative may appear and provide information regarding the application;
  3. Members of the public and/or stakeholders in attendance and wishing to speak may make an oral submission;
  4. The Chair may call on the applicant and/or staff to provide clarification on matters raised by members of the public and/or stakeholders.

Supplemental Information or Presentation Materials:

Anyone looking to provide handouts or use electronic materials (e.g. PowerPoint) at a public meeting must provide all information to the Office of the Town Clerk by noon the Friday prior to the meeting.  The format of electronic materials must be compatible with the Town’s Audio-Video systems and you will be notified if another format is required.  Anyone using electronic materials must be prepared to run the presentation slides on their own with the use of a remote that will be provided at the delegation table.  If there are any other visual aids that require operation outside of the use of the provided remote, delegates must ensure they bring someone with them to operate the equipment.