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In 2005, the Town of Whitby retained Dillon Consulting Ltd. to undertake Background Urban Planning Studies for West Whitby.

Where is West Whitby?

As the name implies, the West Whitby Study Area is located in the western part of the Town of Whitby. The study area is bounded to the east by the existing urban boundary of Whitby, to the west by Lakeridge Road, to the south by Highway 401 and to the north by Lyndebrook Road.

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What is the Purpose of the West Whitby Study?

Since the mid-1990s, the West Whitby area has been identified in both the Whitby and Durham Official Plans as an area for future urban development. This area has been deferred, or "on hold", pending the resolution of a west Durham Highway 401-407 freeway link. Further, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is currently undertaking an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study of the extension of Highway 407 and a link connecting the 401 and 407, which has the potential to impact the West Whitby area.

The purpose of the West Whitby study being undertaken for the Town of Whitby by Dillon Consulting, is to provide the necessary background studies and supporting documentation to assist Whitby Council in undertaking future secondary plan(s). The study examines the potential impacts related to the 401-407 link on future development in the West Whitby area, and will assist in providing input into the ongoing 407 East Environmental Assessment Study process and the ongoing Durham Regional Official Plan Review.

The Background Urban Planning Studies for West Whitby are independent of MTO's E nvironmental Assessment (EA) and not part of MTO's EA process. From a planning and development perspective, the West Whitby studies are considered high-level, preliminary investigations. Any future development in West Whitby would also require a number of formal planning exercises, including a secondary plan and associated studies (environment, detailed land use, required infrastructure, transportation, etc.) along with amendments to the Town of Whitby and Region of Durham Official Plans.

The 407 East Environmental Assessment

MTO is currently undertaking an Environmental Assessment to determine routes for extension of the 407 and a north-south link between Highway 401 and 407 in east Ajax and west Whitby area. The West Whitby Study is not part of this EA and is a completely separate process.

For more information on MTO's EA Study, please go to: www.407eastea.com

What is the Study Process?

The West Whitby Study consists of four components: Urban Structure, Municipal Servicing, Transportation, and Environment. The study process is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Background studies on transportation, environment, municipal servicing, and urban structure
  • Phase 2 - Identification and evaluation of urban structure options (options are based on a variety of different outcomes related to the possible location of the 401-407 link)
  • Phase 3 - Selection and refinement of a preferred option (including transportation and servicing plans and an urban structure viability analysis)

Public Open House Information - 30 October 2006

A Public Open House was held on October 30th, 2006. Copies of the large Display Boards and the Presentation by Dillon Consulting can be downloaded for reference.

Phase 2/3 Final Report and Addendum

In January, 2008, Dillon Consulting Ltd. completed their work program for the West Whitby Background Urban Planning Study. The Phase 2/3 Final Report and Addendum investigated and evaluated a number of Urban Structure Options for the Study Area, based on a number of different locations for the Highway 401/407 Freeway Link, including the Technically Recommended Route identified by the Province in summer of 2007 (see Addendum section).

The Report is available for viewing at the Whitby Planning Department or for download below:

Presentation to Planning and Development Committee - 21 January 2008

As required by the Terms of Reference, Dillon Consulting will present their Phase 2/3 Final Report and Addendum to the Planning and Development Committee on January 21st, 2008. The presentation by Dillon is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

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For more information regarding the West Whitby Background Urban Planning Studies, please contact the Planning Department.