Whitby Community Strategic Plan



The Whitby Community Strategic Plan has been developed for the community, by the community. The Plan reflects the collective visions, goals and values of our community. It defines the way the municipality does business, including a strong commitment to involving our citizens and other stakeholders in the workings and decisions of the Town, and delivering services in an efficient, affordable, caring and professional manner.


Whitby will be the "Community of Choice" for family and business, embracing the future while respecting our proud heritage and natural environment, and promoting our strong sense of community identity.


Council and Staff of the Town of Whitby are dedicated to ensuring accessible, responsive representation and providing innovative, efficient and affordable services that will enhance the quality of life of our growing and diverse community.


  1. Develop a safe and healthy community.
  2. Preserve and advance Whitby's heritage, culture and natural environment.
  3. Promote a prosperous and diversified economy.
  4. Pursue excellence in local government.
  5. Improve municipal and community infrastructure.
  6. Strive for balanced, attractive and environmentally responsible development.